Change your Mindset, not just your Materials


When I studied Industrial Design in the late 90’s, there was a lot of talk about environmental design, materials selection, design for disassembly, life cycle analysis (LCA) and cradle to grave thinking. By the time I moved on to study Materials Science in the 00’s […]

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Our shifting cultural mentality

The oldest surviving evidence of civilisation to be found in contemporary India is that of the Indus Valley Civilisation (3300–1300 BCE; mature period 2600–1900 BCE). These people practiced Arts & Crafts in ceramic and metal to rival the work of the ancient Greeks to come 3000 years later. They had a practice of Rangoli, creating mandalas from sand or petals, that […]

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SHORELINE ACTION: Protecting our oceans and how you can help

My social calendar has been filled with inspiring events lately as I have caught up with some of the activists leading the charge towards protecting our oceans. Beyond simply sharing on their particular fields of expertise and the causes they are passionately campaigning for the reason behind the current push has been to raise awareness […]

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I LOVE the colours and colour variations of natural dyes.
I LOVE that people are experimenting with plants in a way others before them have for hundreds of years.
I LOVE that consumers want to make a difference and buy something that’s better for themselves, their kids and the earth.

There are, however, some draw backs to natural […]

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I am a hoarder. Not a serious, house filled to the brim kind of hoarder, but a hoarder no less.

I collect materials, tools, old jewellery, clothes, hats, bags, books. I love old tools and tool boxes. I have wooden tool boxes found at auction houses and flea markets, wooden boxes filled with tiny little bits, big […]

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IN 2010 a Forbes Magazine article by Elaine Wong noted that 250,000 new products are launched globally each year, with a typical failure rate of 85-95 %.

This was also the year Apple first launched their hugely successful iPad tablet computer.

What did you buy that year? Do you still have it and love it? How much […]

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