New Clay Makers Market

One of the enormous benefits of being part of such a vibrant and creative collective such as Makerspace & Co, is that there is always something going on. And it’s usually pretty amazing. This weeks surprise was being asked to add some of my new works in clay to the Makerspace table at this great […]

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Kiln Experiments: Silver River’s & Urchin Shell Glaze

I have been asked to part of an upcoming ceramics market, and as my work in ceramics has thus far been experimental only, I have been working flat out for the last few days to get something wearable ready.

The process I have to date is as follows:

  • Make piece in stoneware. Add urchin print or […]
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Kiln Experiments: 2nd & 3rd firing


I have created some larger pieces to see how a larger body of silver will behave in these conditions.

I have also created some elements that are separated by a channel to test how effectively the silver flows between parts and how functional these parts are once removed.

I have created somelarger […]

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Some of you may know that my brother has recently taken up gemstone facetting (see here for some pics), and I have promised to learn the art of stone setting in order to create beautiful works together…   of course his pile of perfectly cut treasures has been growing, and growing, and growing, and yet none have […]

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Sketches Workbench


As my home is remodelled and my studio redesigned the rapid destruction of a once sacred space brings to mind the cycle of materials and the flow of life from one for […]

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