Kiln Experiments: Silver River’s & Urchin Shell Glaze

I have been asked to part of an upcoming ceramics market, and as my work in ceramics has thus far been experimental only, I have been working flat out for the last few days to get something wearable ready.

The process I have to date is as follows:

  • Make piece in stoneware. Add urchin print or […]
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Kiln Experiments: 2nd & 3rd firing


I have created some larger pieces to see how a larger body of silver will behave in these conditions.

I have also created some elements that are separated by a channel to test how effectively the silver flows between parts and how functional these parts are once removed.

I have created somelarger […]

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Kiln Experiments: Stoneware + Sterling Silver & Copper

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be gifted a small kiln by some very dear friends who have always been idols for me. They live on a beautiful property and are some of the most capable, interesting people I know. They are true makers. Always learning new skills, making from scratch and […]

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Sketches Workbench


As my home is remodelled and my studio redesigned the rapid destruction of a once sacred space brings to mind the cycle of materials and the flow of life from one for […]

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